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We offer extensive experience and total focus on urogynecologic specialties for women of all ages.

Diagnosis & Treatment at CUPD

Dr. Portera treats a wide range of gynecological and urological disorders. We thor­oughly discuss all treatment options, including risks, benefits, and success rates to determine the best therapy for you.

Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence can take many forms such as stress, urge, and overflow incontinence. We offer a variety of tests to evaluate the bladder and determine what treatment is right for you. Physical therapy, medicine, and surgical options can all provide relief and help you regain bladder control.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Prolapse is the displacement or dropping of the uterus, vagina, bladder, or rectum from the normal anatomic position. After a thorough exam, Dr. Portera can determine how best to treat any pelvic defects.

Bowel Dysfunction

Less than half the women with bowel dysfunction seek medical help because of embarrassment. With the proper diagnosis, successful treatments are available. Contact CUPD to confidentially discuss diagnosis and treatment options.

Other Gynecologic Disorders

Dr. Portera has deep experience diagnosing and treating various uro-gynecological disorders. Contact us today for treatment of recurrent UTIs, hematuria (blood in urine), abnormal vaginal bleeding, or any other gynecological concerns.

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Patient Testimonials

“I have been a patient of Dr Portera for over 20 years. I have recommended him every chance I get. He is one of my favorite doctors and the best, in my opinion, in his field.”


“The condition of my health made me very nervous. I anticipated that Dr. Portera would recommend surgery immediately. After a thorough exam, he laid my worries to rest with an understandable explanation and several alternatives to surgery. I am very pleased.”


“Thank you to Dr. Portera for your medical expertise. Dr. Portera recently performed surgery on me for pelvic prolapse, lifting my bladder and performing a hysterectomy. Dr. Portera is an excellent physician who is also kind and patient. The office is very accessible with good parking and I’m always in and out of the office within about 45 minutes.”


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